Sunday, October 17, 2010

Carpet Prices Seattle

Carpet Prices Seattle from Seattle SEO

If you're looking for a good Carpet Showroom, contact Builders Interiors. Come and see great selections of carpets and prices, at Builders Interiors. They have a huge selection of carpets in their showroom in Woodinville, WA. The prices vary depending on whether you're looking for the high end or just regular berber carpets.

Builders Interiors do not manufacture carpets but they carry huge selections of quality carpets to choose from. Once the carpet and pricing matches the customers budget, then have Builders Interiors install them for you. Ty Mortensen the CEO of Builders Interiors was the Lead Installer on ABC's extreme makeover. When you have your floors installed, keep in mind you're covered by the "best"!

If you'd like to see more of carpet prices and Builders Interiors, go to their site at or call 425-488-7777 and come on down and check out the showroom.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Redmond Hardwood Floors

Restaurant kitchen floors are usually tiles of some sort, there are some restaurants that use hardwood floors in their dining areas, Red Lobster is one. More bang for your buck is to use a really good private contractor for the job.

If you're from the Seattle area, we recommend using Redmond Hardwood Floors. They are actually called Builders Interiors, owned by Ty Mortensen, he was on ABC extreme makeover back in 2006 as the lead tech.

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From simple layouts to complex like you see in the "Cheese Factory" or the multi story food courts in the malls. Builders Interiors offers not only expertise installations, but have a line of hardwood to choose from. So check them out at

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Restaurant Design

Whether you want to embellish the current visual theme of your restaurant, develop an entirely new restaurant design theme, or create a unique dining experience, our restaurant and kitchen designers will work closely with you to capture the desired restaurant atmosphere within your budget.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Steak Seasoning For Spicy Eaters

One of the many factors of a successful restaurant design, has to do with the type of
restaurant. This will also lead to the type of food served, so if this successful restaurant specializes in steaks and prime rib then you should be sharing information about steak and prime ribs.

We advise our restaurant clients to further engage with their clients for repeated businesses, obtain, and retain. Share recipes and ways to prepare steaks with their clients. Or share the many brands of steak seasoning.

There are many different type of steak seasoning and everyone has different tastes. But, if you know that your customers are the spicy eater then by all means introduce the relevant spicy seasoning.

Ways to share and spread the word is by mouth, and online marketing. You can create a profile on twitter, facebook, friend feeds, etc.. These are some of best social media site to spread the word. You can still apply social media locally to your area.

Tell your customers when you're having specials, discounts on meals on days of the week. Give them that popular steak seasoning recipes that they can do at home. These are some social marketing ideas that Synergy Restaurant Consultants advises to all of our clients.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Restaurant Mobile Apps Trends

Being in the restaurant industry and the big buzz about mobile apps and local mobile search. We had to address the importance of this trend, because it affects the search trends as well. We are not trying to sell you a mobile device, but chances are you the reader have one.

The trend is more consumer will own a mobile device than a laptop. Sixty percent plus will have access to the internet. What we're getting at is that more mobile applications are coming out that auto detects local businesses thru either geo targeting or gps enabled. Will be able to find your business quickly with just a tap of a finger.

So its important in the beginning stage of the planning of your restaurant design that you have your online and mobile marketing started. This should take place first then you can do the actual physical planning of the restaurant. The idea is to spread the word not only virtually but offline as well.

Regarding your restaurant web site, keep it simple for quick index for search engines bots, and loading time. Provide laser focus content on your site when mobile user access their mobile device they will get to your information quickly.

Mobile applications have an edge over regular Google, Bing, Yahoo search and that is, mobile apps is all about giving the information quickly with just a tap of the finger. Again, once they are on your mobile web page, they can tap, swipe, scroll to see the layout and menu of your restaurant. This creates a great user experience, because of the high tech toy, but functional.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Easy Mobile App Over Search

Mobile apps is becoming more practical for mobile users. The growth is huge and the download continues at an alarming rate. At this time Google search dominates on mobile, but mobile apps, Apple owns 70% of the market.

Apple apps online store opened at the beginning of 2009, they have had over a billion downloads for mobile apps. Yes, many are free downloads, but still the charged ones rolled in at $150 to $300 million dollars as I type this article. Not bad!

We’re not saying to abandon your website on the internet and have it optimized for organic search. For marketing your business you need to get in front of your clients in the mobile industry, because more people are carrying a smartphone/mobile device than a laptop.

That means mobile apps for iPhone, Google Androids, Blackberry/Palm sales will climb due to the directness of the app. Bear in mind for a mobile device/smartphones, and its the simplicity of getting information quickly versus typing into a query box. Here are some examples of iPhone apps:

* looking up a local business category (e.g. “restaurant”) in Google, use the Yellow Pages app, which will even automatically calculate your location via GPS
* looking up a local taxi company when traveling, use the Taxi Magic app on the iPhone (again, it will automatically get your location from GPS)
* looking up local restaurants or a restaurant consultant in Google, you can use the Yelp iPhone app

A final example points to one of the reasons why mobile apps trump mobile search. Mobile search you don’t always know whether the text you click on in the search results will be viewable or optimized on your smartphone. But if you have a mobile app or site that’s designed for that smartphone/mobile device then you can be confident that a search using that app will quickly return results (and links) that are optimized for a smartphone/mobile device.

This is the reason why sites that are mobi optimized works well with mobile apps because the smartphone version is much more focused, easier to navigate, and faster.

Mobile specialized apps (iPhone, Androids, Blackberry/Palm) provides a much more tailored experience than mobile search portals than Google and Yahoo.

Here’s a comment from Jason Hiner Editor-in-Chief of Tech Republic – ” I fully expect smartphones to become the most widespread global computing platform in the next five years, driven heavily by the developing world, where the smartphone will be the primary PC for the majority of users. As smartphones become more dominant, it is going to naturally migrate some power and influence away from search (and Google) and toward mobile computing applications”.

So what does all this have to do with the restaurant business? Everything, as a marketer you want to expose your brand any way you can.

If you have a restaurant website make it mobile optimized for quick loading, and razor focused on topic!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Factors In Successful Restaurant Designs

One thing about designing for a successful restaurant is to identify who you will be catering to. Perhaps, it's a place where brokers meet to close important business deals over lunch. Or, it's a family friendly venue where the servers are dressed as Shreck.

- Other factors are determining who your clientele will be and the type of seating. If you're going to be catering to romantics, you'll want to have smaller tables and booths as opposed to family gatherings where you have the capability to put tables together but also be able to segregate a noisier gathering from those who want to enjoy a quiet meal.

- If business meetings are going to be conducted, you want to have larger tables, and some privacy with good lighting. If you plan to attract breakfast/lunch patrons, you want to build the seating around couches, overstuffed chairs and counter space where they can comfortably type on netbooks but also engage in conversations with those seated nearby.

These are some things that you have to think about when planning for a successful restaurant design. Give Synergy Consultants a call at 888-861-9212, we can help you with best designs for your restaurant.